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Why We Should Let Women Have Corporate America

Women's Take Over of Corporate America

An Agent in the Field of mine, deeply seeded in a large multinational, sent me an e-mail he received from company's Office of Diversity.  It was heralding the "great success" of their "initiative" to employ and promote more women in the company.  They had an arbitrarily set goal of increasing female employment (in this predominantly IT/Tech male company) up to 30%, and even handed out awards to employees that came up with the "top three ideas" on how to get more women on board (this included a "mother's contract," a blatantly sexist policy of hiring one woman for every man regardless of ability, and - the only sane one - to attract more women into STEM).  You couple this with the recent statement from's new "Chief Equality Officer" Tony Prophet,

"At Ford, quality is job one.  At Salesforce, equality is job one."

and it is painfully clear that corporate America has abandoned excellence as a means to profitability, replacing it instead with virtue signalling, rent seeking, politicking, and marketing/pandering to racial/sexual in-tribe biases.

This, of course, is not only morally wrong, but blatantly sexist (and racist) as you consciously and purposely give preferential treatment to people based on the color of their skin, or their plumbing downstairs, over the content of their character.  And anybody with an ounce of self-respect, intellectual honesty, a work ethic, and an adherence to true fairness should be outraged at this cowardice and evil.

But then the ole Captain's wheels started turning, and in a very Enjoy the Decline-esque way, he make a very important epiphany.  Yes, it may be unfair we are giving preferential treatment to women over men.  Yes, we are sacrificing a meritocracy for sexism.  And yes, this will lead to lower production, lower economic growth, genuine injustice, and a lessening of standards of living.  But so what?   If you really sit down and think about it Corporate America isn't worth it.

Let the women have it.

It's All Yours, Sweetheart!

If it were the 1950's and corporations were booming and headed up by more fair and meritocratic WWII managerial class, I could see Corporate America being a place you'd want to be.  You'd be compensated for excellence and hard work.  You'd be promoted for innovation and creativity.  It would be a reasonably just system where loyalty was rewarded, stable employment was offered, and corporate corruption was at a minimum (at least compared to today).

But it's not the 1950's any more.  It's "the current year" and corporations are a fraction of the equitable places of employment they once were.

Gone are the managers from the WWII generation that led these corporations to their heights and their Jack Welshian logical, but fair management.  They are now replaced with legions of inept, MBA-laden Baby Boomer scum whose only accomplishment was halving US economic growth, getting the largest bank bail out in history, and sending the US into the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Gone is stable employment and the goodies that came with it.  You don't get pensions, you don't get health care, and you certainly don't get that 30 years of lifelong employment that once made a 30 year mortgage a relatively risk free proposition.  Now you can get outsourced, train in your own replacements, be perpetually employed as a contractor, and let go if your job can be done for a fraction of a cent cheaper in China.

And let's not forget the wave of psychotic political BS these past 20 years that has infected Corporate America and just chides the morality and honor of good, honest workers, particularly of the male persuasion.  There's the HR lady epidemic where we put power hungry, inept, math-impaired 20 something ditzes at the helm of our hiring process.  There's "Corporate Social Responsibility" where we force unrelated and unnecessary political crusades on our employees be it donating to the United Way, mandating weekends be spent on charities, or wearing pink every year.  There's diversity, sexual harassment, and sensitivity training where we blatantly treat men like sexual predators, molesters, rapists, and racists, humiliating them to attend said trainings.  There's the eggshell environment men get to work in, one mere false sexual harassment accusation away from being fired.  There's the invasion of privacy into our personal lives where the politically correct Corporate Abwehr will fire you over a facebook post.  There's progressive credentialism where the HR Reichstag demands you have masters degrees for entry level jobs.  There's the blatant sexism against males as previously evidenced before with clearly sexist policies favoring less-qualified women for the sake of "diversity."  And let's not forget this raw deal is topped off with the number one cause of divorce, marital strife, and problem children - commutes!

I ask one simple question.  Who the f*ck wants any part of this rotten deal?  Who the f*ck wants to work at Initech?

And I'm not joking.

I'm not saying this because deep down inside I want to work at Corporate America.  I'm not saying this because I have this discreet dream to retake and recapture Corporate America for meritocratic males.  I'm saying it because it's true.  Corporate America is a HORRIBLE deal for any self-respecting man (or woman) who wants to live a free, healthy, happy, sane, and prosperous life.  You, at minimum, must attend school for a quarter century, face daunting odds of just landing a job.  That job will at best be entry level and mundane.  You're then forced to get a masters if you have any hope of "making it" due to progressive credentialism.  You are a mere merger away from being let go or laid off.  Your compensation is significantly lower with both sexes now flooding the labor market, lowering the wage you can command.  You can't have a political or social life your employer doesn't approve of.  Compensation and promotion is increasingly based on your skin color and plumbing, not your hard work or effort.  And if this wasn't a horrible deal enough, it's all under a psychotic environment where bosses who know they have you by the balls unleash their sadism on their employees simply to get off.

There's just no godly reason to be part of Corporate America.

The real question is, then, why do women seem so desperate and adamant on joining Corporate America?  Why do they seem so obsessed over having a corporate career to the point they'll get one via legitimate means or not?  And the answer is they've been sold a bill of goods.

The Biggest Lie Ever Sold...To Women

I've mentioned it before, but understand like housing, education or Dotcoms, women are buying into a bubble.  Perhaps not a financial one like those mentioned before, but a bubble nonetheless.  They go to college (a bubble and increasingly poor investment unto itself) at rates higher than men, earning the majority of worthless liberal arts degrees, also now accounting for the majority of worthless masters/advanced degrees.  With these worthless degrees, they then throw themselves onto the Omaha Beach of Corporate America where they forfeit family, children, husbands, a social life, and loved ones, all in exchange for promotions, careers, commutes, and Jimmy Choo shoes.  They obsess about "leaning in" and getting the latest certification, credential, or promotion in their lives.  And congratulations if they make that magical six figures.

But to what end?

Not only do they have to suffer the unacceptable environment laid out before, basically ruining and sacrificing their lives, but all so they can become "Queen Bee of Shit Island?"

Alas, it's obvious women didn't consciously decide on their own to pursue the hell known as Corporate America.  They were duped, lied to, propagandized, and fooled into becoming corporate slaves.  And any simple, logical pondering will come up with the main culprits that misled women into choosing such a rotten deal.

First, blame men.  Not consciously, or maliciously, but men are to blame because I don't think they ever truly conveyed what they endured in Corporate America, working a real job to support the family.  In the past, traditionally, men went to work, brought home the bacon, and in order to have a peaceful and enjoyable home, they didn't bring back their work with them.  The wife didn't want to hear about the conditions of working on the railroad, the loneliness of being a traveling salesman, or the politics of a corporate office, and the man frankly didn't want to talk about it either.  He wanted to eat good meal, have sex with his wife, play with his children, and enjoy his free time.  This then misled women into thinking somehow work was fun.  And not only was work fun,  it was MUCH MORE FUN AND REWARDING than being a homekeeper, housewife, or mother.  They only saw the financial upside of Corporate America, not the labor and responsibility that came with.

Second, feminism.  The greatest scam ever pulled in the history of humans was not social security, nor buying Manhattan from the Indians for some beads, nor Seward's Folly.  It was the con job bitter, angry, ugly, jealous, contemptuous women from the 60's and 70's pulled by convincing their prettier, younger counterparts that being a mother or a wife was not real work.  It was fooling three full generations of women that they didn't need men, and that a paycheck (government or Corporate America issued) could replace a passionate kiss from a loving husband and a swarm of hugs from her children.  The fact that women are trying to break into Corporate America, by any means possible, moral or not, sexist or not, while forfeiting a life of staying at home and spending time with their children is jaw dropping once you can remove the hood of leftist, feminist brainwashing.  No sane, self-respecting person would do that back in the 50's, let alone in today's sadistic and enslaving corporate environment.
Third, politicians.  Like feminists, it is amazing the con job the democrat party pulled on women.  By making women jealous of what men had, and not appreciating what they had, politicians created a problem that didn't exist.  They thoroughly convinced women they were oppressed, discriminated against, and that sexism was rampant.  And the only way to make things right was by voting in these politicians.  Politicians would enforce affirmative action, enforce Title IX, give you a never ending litany of PSA's and speeches blasting those evil males for their inherent sexism and privilege, and as an added bonus, designate the government as your sole supporter and provider making those nasty evil men unnecessary and obsolete.  This propaganda was so successful, it actually overrode women's genetic programming to the point they actually believed "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle."  And if you needed more proof as to the completeness of the job, women look up to and envy the life of one of the world's most miserable women - Hillary Clinton.  Women, once again, gave up anything and everything that gave them point and purpose in life, all for a masters degree, a commute, and a cold career in Corporate America.

And finally, there's Corporate America itself.  The best thing for Corporate America was women entering the work force.  It lowered wages, it boosted demand for their products (now that women had additional purchasing power), and it created demand for a whole new list of products and services.  Daycare facilities, additional cars, more gas, more insurance, more dining out, more clothes, more cell phones, more divorce lawyers, more child therapists, more cleaning services, more ritalin, more lithium, more everything - the amount of material goods and services families had to buy now that you had two workers, no parents, and needed to outsource your child rearing easily boosted their sales by 50%.  It was a boon in terms of both sales and lower labor costs that only outsourcing to China would outdo.  Of course, the family suffered, divorce ravaged three generations, mal-raised children of broken homes drove up everybody's taxes, women we're becoming less happy, and the country's finances went to pot, but it didn't matter.  Women had careers in Corporate America.  And that's all that matters.

So What Do Men Do Now?

It's a foregone conclusion that with the support of government and corporations themselves, women will inexorably take over Corporate America.  And any sober, realistic, self-respecting assessment of Corporate America will conclude we should let them have it.  But if men are to give up Corporate America what are they supposed to do for work?  What do we do for employment?  What do we do for agency?  What do we do in order to support ourselves and live our lives to the fullest?

The prospective loss of what has traditionally kept us employed and alive is daunting, and willingly giving it up may seem insane.  But giving up on a career in Corporate America is a reality we're just going to have to face.  And not only one we have to face, but one we should be welcoming.  For while abandoning what has served as our primary means of support may be daunting, we men have a trick up our sleeves that have served us well since time immemorial.

We adapt.

Understand Corporate America is a bubble.  It's the Titanic.  It's going to burst and sink anyway, so you're better off living in reality and coming up with a Plan B.  But while many of you may not see an obvious alternative to Corporate America for employment, millions of men have already blazed the trail to a new, and much better form of employment - minimalism and entrepreneurship.

Though not the traditional corporate career we originally wanted or were brought up to desire, minimalism and entrepreneurship is the only logical choice for any man not already:

1.  Steeped so far in Corporate America in terms of his career that it would not be economic for him to abandon it and start down the path of entrepreneurship, or

2.  Endebted in terms of student loans, auto loans, mortgages, alimony, child support, etc. that he is a debt slave and therefore needs to be in Corporate America.

The reason why is that minimalism and entrepreneurship is infinitely superior to working for Corporate America.  One, in being a minimalist you do not need that much money to survive.  You avoid debt, you avoid unnecessary luxuries, and in doing so you not only minimize what you need, but maximize your freedom.  This leads to a second important benefit - the ability to insist on employment standards.  If the pay isn't high enough, they won't let you telecommute, it isn't enjoyable work, or your client is just a lippy pain in the ass, simple.  You fire them.  You just quit.  You don't need the money and therefore can do without them.  This also leads to a third major benefit - you can bluff your way to higher compensation.  Unlike your divorced, debt-enslaved, Corporate American wage slave counterpart, you don't "need" the money.  You have a choice.  You aren't a beggar, you're a chooser.  This allows you to demand $100 an hour, because if you don't get it, so what?  You don't NEED it.  Alas, if done right self-employment can, in the long run, become much more lucrative than a Sheryl Sandbergian corporate slave career.

But perhaps the single largest benefit of the minimalism-entrepreneurship form of employment is the happiness and sanity that comes with it.  While you're sleeping in till 10, your Super-Power-Tripping-Corporate-America-Power-Woman is waking up at 6 to suffer her commute at 7.  While you're at your local bar getting your morning coffee with Bailey's at 11 to answer e-mails, your rah-rah empowered feminist counterpart is stuck in a meeting, begging the government for more grant money.  When you decide you've done enough work at 2PM and it's time to hit the gym, your "You-Go-Girrrrrrl Power-Moxie"(TM) Corporate America counterpart is only half way done with her day.  And when your kids come home from school at 4PM, you can take them out for ice cream, go swimming with them, or give them noogies, the strong-independent, divorced, Corporate American "single mom hero" leaves her kids to decay in daycare till 7, and that's if traffic has cleared up.

It's simply a no-brainer.

The sad tragedy, for women at least, is that men are one, small epiphany away from realizing the wise words of Freddy Benson in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and switching our historical roles.  It was already hard supporting oneself in this world.  It's much, MUCH harder supporting a family.  But if socialist, sexist (and racist) political forces are going to insist on turning Corporate America into a childish insane asylum like today's Academia with "safe spaces," "mandatory diversity training," and a blatant favoritism for women, forget it.  "I say it's time for a change.  I say let them give us money.  Let's live off of them for a while."  And men can do it, not just because we're more capable of minimalism, but (hilariously and ironically) women have also voted in a huge welfare state.  And if they want to be the ones to slave and work away in Corporate America, then they can pay the taxes to support men who just, meh, don't fee like working.

Alas, women fought so hard (as well as unfair and dirty) to get ahead in Corporate America, I cannot think of a better fate than to let them have it.  And the only way to give it to them is to realize losing Corporate America is no great loss, but a blessing.  Let women do the work.  Let women drive the commutes.  Let women waste their lives in meetings and cubes while the world passes them by.  I'm going fishing.  I'm sleeping in.  I'm working out.  I'm riding motorcycles.  I'm spending time with friends, families, and loved ones.  I'm going to Enjoy the Decline.  I suggest you do the same.
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Everything You Needed to Know About Central Banking, Currency, Inflation, Debt, Prices, GDP, Production and Globalization in 20 Minutes

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Episode #165 of The Clarey Podcast!

The joys of having no schedule.
How politics ruin history majors and history podcasts.
Flying first class is overrated...for short people.
"Tony Prophet- Chief Equality Officer."
Cappy doesn't camp.

and MORE!

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Why Silicon Valley Votes Left - Sex

In my previous post, I asked Silicon Slaves why they work in an environment and state that results in them being slaves 42% of their working lives.  Thankfully, a fair amount of insiders and former Siliconers responded, explaining to us normies in fly over country why so many Silicon employees willingly vote against their own best interests.  The reasons were many and varied, ranging anything from the "excitement" to work in "the" Silicon Valley, propaganda in school that channeled their careers to the Slave Jose area, or outright simple mistakes of failing to account for cost of living adjustments.  But while all these reasons were legitimate and I don't doubt a single one, there is one that explains at least why men slave away to...well...slave away at Silicon Valley.


Let us be very clear why civilization exists.  It exists because men wanted sex.  And the way men traditionally got sex was by being good providers to women.  This meant a combination of not only providing adequate resources to support a woman and her children, but the ability to defend them and keep them safe.  In ancient times this meant being the strongest warrior, or perhaps and biggest barbarian, but as time went on and technologies advanced, accumulating resources wasn't a direct function of your brute strength or power.  It was also determined by intelligence, creativity, and innovation.  And thus men set out to build...well...basically everything, in the hope of making it rich and attracting mates.  And this ages-long genetic ritual is simply playing itself out in Silicon Valley.

There's just a couple problems.

One, while amassing resources and making it rich does certainly help with the ladies, the problem is that women (as well as men) are still genetically programmed to be attracted to what worked the past 2 million years of evolution, NOT the past 200.  Yes, nerds, geeks, and capitalists can create the Standard Oils, Microsofts, and Facebooks of the world, but that does not turn on women as much as a tall, strong, aloof jock does.  We see empirical evidence of this practically everywhere, but my favorite was the ballroom dance scene where nerds galore would master the art of salsa, tango, swing, and waltz, TEMPORARILY score a hot chick, maybe even marry her, only to have her abscond with the noob 6'2", ripped, good looking dudebro who showed up for one or two classes, and then leave.  And this is the exact same problem the male nerds of Silicon Valley face.

Yes, they may be making all the bank.
Yes, they may make those magical six figures.
But in the end, usually it's only the money the women are after, and even then, they're very unlikely to stay with your scrawny nerdy ass till death do you part...especially if they can take you for half.

Two, ironically the leftist policies left-leaning Silicon males vote for obsolete women's need for them.  In making sure socialist policies cover women (and men) from womb to tomb, a woman and her children (no matter from how many fathers) simply don't NEED a man.  This (if you remember your college economics class) results in a price floor set above the market rate.  Men in lefty Cali need to provide more than the STATE AND FEDERAL governments combined do to women.  This means only particularly rich or well-to-do men can out compete the state, leaving the majority of Silicon male slaves picking up the EBT tab for the woman who shot him down and is dating his boss' boss.

Three is also a vital lesson in economics male Silicon Slaves may have overlooked - a lopsided sex ratio.  While obsessed with landing a job in "the Silicon Valley," I wonder how many men thought it would be any different than their Calc III class with 45 men and 2 Asian girls?  Of course, it isn't that bad, but it isn't great either with a sex ratio of 115:100 men to women.  And if you thought a generous welfare state, affirmative action, and competition from billionaires wasn't bad enough, just wait to see how picky a Silicon female can be when there's a 15% deficit of them.

And then finally, there's the reason why rich, successful, hard working males of Silicon Valley vote against their interests and will be lining up to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton - they think agreeing with women increases their chances of getting laid.

Understand, that for the most part, young women have replaced traditional religions and values such as Christianity, family, children, husband, home, god and country, etc., with leftist politics.  I bet you'll be hard pressed to find a woman under 30, who in addition to her all-important career, does NOT derive the majority of her agency, purpose, morality, and reason in life through some kind of left-leaning political crusade or cause.

Going green.
Closing the wage gap.
Organic food.
Dog/animal rescue.
A woman in the white house.
Ending sexual harassment.
Helping the poor.
Supporting the refugees.
Etc. etc.

And in addition to this laundry list of political causes, it's very unlikely they won't shut up about them.  They will at minimum have a bumper sticker extolling their beliefs, but more likely will lecture and sermon you to death about whatever leftist religion they have.  It will be made PAINFULLY clear that politics is the number one thing in their lives - more important than love, a family, or even their career - and if you EVER hope to date her, let alone cop a feel (over the bra though mind you), you better be on board the feminism-kambucha-socialism-wage-gap substitute-for-real-meaning-in-this-world choo choo train.

The only problem is the majority of these Silicon Valley men believe it.  They actually think agreeing with a woman turns them on.

Now, look, any real man over 25 knows agreeing with women never gets you laid.
And any man married knows you never listen to what a woman says, you watch what she does.

But these aren't your normal men.  They're nerds.  They're geeks.  And love them to death, they don't know jack about women.  They've spent the past 10 years since they were 13 SOLELY working towards the goal of becoming a great engineer or programmer in the vain hopes of "finally" making it big and attracting hot women with their money.  They didn't want to hit the gym, they were afraid of physical toil and pain, and based on lies told to them by their mothers, teachers, professors, politicians, and Hollywood, they actually thought being:

Sensitive 90's men
who agree with women

would lead to sex.

It is this upbrining and their complete lack of knowledge of women I believe explains why men in Silicon Valley ignorantly vote for their own demise.  They are not only drawn to Silicon Valley because of the "excitement" of being there, or because that's all they were told in school, but because they actually think agreeing with women is what turns them on.  And since leftist politics has replaced anything of meaning or value in life for most women under 40, all men MUST agree with their new faux-religions lest they not wish to cop a coveted feel under the bra.  Little do they know a high school drop-out, Trump-supporting, motorcycle mechanic could likely come through Santa Clara county and get laid more than the lot of them.  But, why try dispensing an ounce of reality into the slave plantation of the left coast? 

Enjoy the decline my fine male Silicon Slaves.  Enjoy the decline.

Didn't Think This Whole Electric Car Thing Through Did We?

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Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace

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IQ, Prison...Errr..."School" and Idiot Bosses with Laurie Zoock

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Removing Emotion from Decision Making

This was a response to a client that, after writing, I realized might serve as a good lesson for some of the younger folk out there who've been fed lies and bullshit their entire lives before they enter the real world:

OK, there's how I personally separate emotions from my decisions, and then there's how I'd recommend doing it.  Explaining my journey towards "emotionless decision making" this is the route:

One, it wasn't a choice.  If you are brought up under reasonable wealth, or at least have parents (or the government) willing to finance/lend you money, you can live in lala land where your emotions can temporarily rule your decisions for quite some time.  Shit, you see this with middle aged women who live until they lose their looks thinking they're the greatest thing ever because of "themselves" and not because they're young and guys want to bang them.  So in my particular case my poverty made the real world REALLY apparent to me early on.  I coudlnt' afford bars or night clubs or time pursuing stupid shit (girls, liberal arts degrees, etc) because such a waste of resources would result in a week without food, no gas, etc.  It was hard and crushing (and I remember it to this day), but there was a night where I realized what I was facing in the real world, and it was depressing.

Still, living in the harsh real world, is better than living in la la land, especially the long run.  My one night or anger and rage is infinintely better than 30 years of post-menopausal delusion cat ladies go through before they die still thinking "big is beautiful."

Two, this then led to having my dreams crushed and accepting what the real world was.  So once this happens, emotions are removed from any decision making.  You replace your unattainable dreams with real world goals. And you don't think "wouldn't it be nice or fun to attain these goals," but you look at the world in a cold, scientific, and calculating manner and figure out how to attain those goals in the most efficient and expeditious manner because your life and survival depends on it.

Three, this inevitably leads towards you becoming an adult real quick and quickly develops a hatred for the poppy cock, Oprah's pretty lies bullshit.  THis also leads towards a complete disdain, if not outright hatred of the sheeple and morons around you.  I truly don't know who I hate more.  People who are purposely evil, or the sheep who swallow every line of bullshit from politicians, talking heads, media, Hollywood, professors, parents, etc., and then have the gall to think themselves more noble and moral than you.  Regardless, only further reinforces removing emotion from decision making, perhaps replacing hatred and vengeance in where there once was hope.  But it also turns you into a machiavellian where you're often tempted to just become a charlatan yourself and legally extort as much as you can from your fellow man (for example Asshole Consulting is an INCREDIBLY RARE blessing where being truthful actually helps people morally.  If this were to ever go away nearly all my plans are to lie to the dupes and rubes of society and make as much bank on telling them pretty lies).

Finally, it inevitably just becomes a simple, conscious choice.  Even a principle you live by.  "Am I going to live in the real world or let my feelings and emotions get in the way?"  Seriously, any intellectually honest man or woman can ask themselves this simple question and answer it correctly, and that's how I'd recommend most people remove emotions from decision making.  You simply ask yourself:

Does making decisions in the real world or emotional delusion result in better long term results?

However, while it's intellectually easy to answer this question, it's getting rid of the emotional pain that comes with doing what is sane, empirical, and right that's the trick.  Fortunately, over time, the real world will punish you, making it more painful to make emotional decisions than logical rational ones. Men typically get to face the full costs and consequences of their decisions earlier in life because society won't shield them from the cost of their mistakes.  So we learn quickly.  But as Bill Burr famously said, "Women keep patting themselves on their back, thinking they're great when nobody corrects them because we want to fuck 'em."  And this permits women to temporarily live in lala land, making emotional decisions more frequently and longer into life.  But, still, sooner or later, the real world will punish you for making decisions based on emotion and not reality, and that pain will inevitably remove all emotion from your decision making...whether you like it or not 😉

Anyway, hope that helped.


Vigor and Spirit Reviews "Reconnaissance Man"

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New York City Deserves Diversity!

Keep voting leftist you cool, hip, New Yorkers.  Because you know so much more than those hicks in fly-over country.

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Lake Stuart Near Leavenworth, Washington

Suffering the decline as always.  Remember, work hard, go to college, go into debt, breed children you can't afford, and carry on:

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Curse Free Episode #6 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy and his good Seattle friend yell and scream at each other about "stuff." His blood pressure goes up and nothing is really accomplished. Cappy does his best not to curse, but his friend curses up a storm, in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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How a Good Wife or Girlfriend Can Help You Go MGTOW

Unlike feminism, the red pill community/manosphere advances.  We don't dwell in whatever injustices we face.  We don't navel gaze, obsessing about ourselves in the mirror.  And we sure as hell don't come up with 31 flavors of gender or faux academic concepts like "intersectionality."  The true natural state of all real men is advancement, and unlike our feminist counterparts we seek to progress and improve to the maximum extent that our lives, resources, and gile allow.

Part of this relentless march towards advancement is knowing when to close a chapter in our lives, for the wisdom we gained living it opens up a new one.  Be it the 17 year old who gets over his first true heartbreak, a 22 year old who dodges a false rape accusation, or a 45 year old who's fresh off his first divorce, it is just as important to move on from these experiences as it is to retain the wisdom they taught us.  But one of those chapters most men must invariably close and move on from is one we don't mind reading.  One that is actually a happy chapter (or so it seems at the time).  One we could very well dwell in for the rest of our lives.  And that chapter is your Playerhood Days.

This is not a lecture or a sermoning.  This is not a recommendation that you should quit goofing around, having fun, getting laid, and being a player.  And it certainly is not a call for you to "man up and marry those sluts."  It is merely a prediction your older brother Cappy knows is going to happen to most of you.

For fun as it is, jovial as it is, and exhilarating as it is, you WILL tire of the game.  You WILL tire of the chase.  You WILL get sick of going to bars.  And you will tire of spending ne'er-to-be-recovered hours on social media trying to land a date.  The novelty of slaying another piece of ass will wear thin and you will look at all the time you wasted chasing/tolerating/enduring/suffering painfully stupid and unimpressive girls just to get laid, and then ask yourself what greatness you could have achieved otherwise.  You will suffer from "player burnout" and thus this chapter of your life will come to an end.

MGTOW or Marriage...or Both?

This results in classical binary choice you must face.  Do you go "MGTOW," putting women at the bottom of the priority list, perhaps swearing off of them forever?  Or do you settle down, get married, and raise a family, or perhaps just get a steady, long term girlfriend?  The two seem mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed, but I contend there is a third option---that they are not only NOT mutually exclusive, but having a quality woman in your life CAN indeed help you truly go MGTOW.  Ergo, why not do both?

Understand man's need for sex and female company is not optional.  Certainly, harsh enough experiences and hostile enough environs are so punishing that truly going MGTOW can override these hard-wired preferences, making a boycott of women a better option.  But it still doesn't erase the genetic programming and hard-wiring you have to want sex and a woman in your life.  And to refuse to acknowledge these basal desires is as foolish as feminists saying women need men as much as fish need bicycles.  But, in an ironic twist of fate, actually going MGTOW can help you secure a wife/girlfriend that is "MGTOW compatible."  You simply set forth to live your life as you see fit and if a woman happens to come along your way AND can keep up, so be it.  Therefore, in doing so, it is theoretically possible to find a woman that is loving, caring, supporting, who can not only dramatically improve your life, but really help you go MGTOW and achieve all you can in life.

For example, take all the time you spend and have spent on the pursuit of women.  From puberty to today, how many hours, days, weeks and months of time, resources, and labor have you expended chasing (and then dealing with) them?  Also, how much psychological pain, torment, and bullshittery did you have to endure with their antics and games?  And what was the final life-time financial tab you've dropped on women?  How much in total financial resources did you expend on cover charges, drinks, foregone work opportunities, etc.?  Now imagine you never wasted this enormous amount of resources on girls in the past, but instead invested it in yourself?  Set forth in your own life?  You'd likely have a house paid off in cash.  A entrepreneurial empire.  Perhaps a herculean body and physique to boot.  Whatever it is, you'd at least have something to show for it and this is the argument for finding a good, quality woman in your life.

In making a quality, MGTOW-compatible woman part of your life, you satiate your biological and psychological needs for sex and female companionship.  You also quell whatever mental strife that comes without having one.  And if she is indeed quality, she would be a net financial asset, and not a liability.  This frees up your entire financial, mental, and physical resources which you can then focus and dedicate solely towards achieving greatness.  You are no longer distracted by women. You no longer have that scratch to itch.  And thus, though presumably mutually exclusive, having a good woman in your life could technically allow you to pursue the individual greatness that is the epitome of MGTOW.  Admittedly, it statistically unlikely, but to quote Dumb and Dumber, "So you're saying there's a chance!?"

Enter the Cult of VirginTOW and MSTOW (Men Sent Their Own Way)

Of course, you can predictably hear the spergy hearts of millions of VirginTOW's going into cardiac arrest.  As you read this right now, they are no doubt tripping over their key boards to bang away saying that getting married or having a (GASP!) woman in your life "is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of being MGTOW!!!!"  And though these self-proclaimed, purist authorities of MGTOW may have a literal point, you need to understand precisely who these people are so you don't let the Cult of MSTOW ruin the larger, and very important point being made in this post.

First, we know who these people are.  These are not real MGTOW's nor real men.  These are intellectual weaklings who abuse and use the term MGTOW as an excuse for their piss poor performance in life and their fear of rejection, toil, failure, and effort.  They are posers who have no value, and use MGTOW as a substitute for accomplishment, meaning, agency, and worth.  And like many professors in academia, they don't actually go MGTOW and do MGTOW things, but spend their time studying real MGTOW's claiming they're experts in the field.

Second, they are stuck in the "Chapter of MGTOW."  Every man has the red pill awakening and anger is a natural and called-for response.  You've been lied to.  You've been cheated.  And you should be enraged.  But inevitably you have to accept is for what is, and move on. Otherwise that is not progress, nor advancement, nor achievement.  It's merely the self-pitying navel-gazing that feminists do as they mire and waste their entire 80 years of life-expectancy on this planet.  Sadly, MSTOW's are functionally no different than feminists in this regard, rendering any opinions they have on the matter moot because why on god's Earth would you heed advice from them?

Third, their visceral and hate-filled reaction you will see in the comments section below is proof the above directly strikes at their biggest fear -  that they COULD HAVE had a good, quality woman in their life while still being MGTOW...but chose not to.  This reality is what really keeps them up at night.  That there IS a chance, perhaps even a decent one, they could find a MGTOW-compatible woman if they put forth the effort.  But the level of defeatism and fatalism they subscribe to (which I find ironic given a presumably strong and independent philosophy such as "Men Going Their Own Way") is again proof that laziness and fear are the strongest forces in their lives, trumping love, hope, and courage.  Deep down inside they still want women and would prefer a life with one, otherwise, why do they constantly obsess about being MGTOW so much?

Fourth, there's already proof women and MGTOW are compatible as genuine MGTOW's are currently married or dating women.  Roosh has made it no secret he wouldn't mind getting married or having children.  Adam Piggott, a man who has traveled, motorcycled, and kayaked the world, is married and is more MGTOW than the MGTOWiest of MGTOW's.  Yours truly has had the same girlfriend for 10 years.  And need I even mention veteran Manosphere founder Rollo Tomassi?  But wait, let me guess.  There's some 28 year old, 280 pound virgin MSTOW Pharisee on a MGTOW discussion board somewhere who's about to tell us we're not "real MGTOW's" and that MGTOW compatible women just don't exist.

The only problem is they do.

And you my dear reader, as an individual, have to reconcile this fact with purported purist MGTOW "doctrine."

The Fork in the Road

The possibility of women being part of the MGTOW life will cause a split that will become more apparent as time goes on.  In one camp will be the traditional theoreticians, academics, purist MSTOW's and VirginTOW's, still banging away in their discussion forums about how much they don't need women...just like they did 5 years ago...just like they're doing today...and just like they'll be doing 20 years from now.  They will be NO DIFFERENT than the feminists who have done the same since the 1970's because the movement has consumed them and they simply can't move on.  Their entire life will be defined, determined, and controlled by "MGTOW," so that in the end, while they're on their death beds, all they will be able to point to is "MGTOW" as their crowning achievement in life.  Sadly, that's not only NOT an achievement, it's one they failed to achieve as they never truly went their own way and lived a unique life.

In the second camp you will have the true MGTOW's, married or not, long term girlfriend or not, who are living their lives as they see fit.  If they want to get married and have kids, fine, they'll marry and have kids.  If they just want to jet set across the world, fine, they'll sip martinis in Macau and bang broads in Bangkok.  But where ever they are, and whatever they're doing, they're not going to be banging on their chests about being "MGTOW."  They will let their actions speak to who they are.  They will live a life that earns them that adjective.  And if living with a woman or getting married is their desire, they'll do it because that's what real MGTOW's do.  They live their lives as they see fit.  Alas, when they're on their deathbeds, they won't be pointing towards a title or a fake religion as their crowning achievement, but actual achievements living a MGTOW lifestyle allowed.

I humbly ask which lifestyle do you want?  Do you want to actually be a MGTOW and perhaps incorporate a loving woman into your life?  So be it.  Do you want to sit, stew, and waste your life in a self-pitying cult whose only definition is the exclusion of women as you award yourself fake awards, merit badges, and acronyms?  Fine, it's your life.  I merely want to present the case that MGTOW does not mean the exclusion of women from one's life, and that they can indeed (if you find the right one) make your life measurably better.  I also want to warn any prospective MGTOW's about the MSTOWs', purists', and VirginTOW keyboard warriors' false insistence women cannot be part of a MGTOW's life.  It's simply not true, and you do yourself no favors eliminating the option of having a woman in your life.

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The Largest Argument Against Women's Suffrage

My official policy on voting rights is that you must own property and receive no government check either as an employee or a parasite on the taxpayer.  Beyond that, I don't care who votes as you've both earned the right and you are financially vested in the country.  However, there are times....

ooooohhhh are there times....

I really question the wisdom of given women the right to vote.

And it really does boil down to this simple argument - what kind of people read this kind of tripe?

I am 100% serious.  The fact that this is the lead on "Yahoo News" and that this utter worthless, pointless garbage is consumed by women AND IN SUCH VOLUMES THAT IT WARRANTS FRONT PAGE WORTH, really makes me wonder if women have the logical and mental facilities to be good stewards of the vote.  Of course, by historical voting patterns, women vote for less freedom and an increased state 70% of the time, once again undoing what 4,000 years of western civilization and millions of men's lives fought for.  But hey, as long as they get to waste their precious life reading about what some British slut wears when she goes to school (while she's independently wealthy), fuck western civilization, fuck the Magna Carta, fuck the constitution, and fuck the American Experiment. 

Hillary has a vag, and it's about time we get a woman president!

Enjoy that freaking decline.

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Lazy Day Linkage

Ever hear of Avery Williamson?  No?  Because the MSM doesn't want you to.

How much to cosmotology majors make?  not enough that they need government checks financed by the chemical engineering majors.

Women like the bad boys.

Abdicating responsibility.  Now we'll blame Tesla's for our bad driving.

Sailing in Puget Sound

Remember to Enjoy the Decline otherwise life is not worth it.

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Reconnaissance Man Now Available in Audio!

Reconnaissance Man is available in audio. You can listen to a sample chapter which I'm supremely confident will COMPEL you to buy it!

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